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A new journey for you

Advanced Personal Training

Our services go beyond personal training. We offer an inclusive, integrated health & wellbeing service that bridges the gap between rehabilitation & regular fitness through the utilisation of intelligent exercise programming, guidance & education.


Personal Training centred around you

We work with you on a unique science-based approach for Restoring and Optimising your health

With our advanced personal training we aim to empower clients to improve their health and wellbeing no matter what their age or current health status. At Aspire4Health we believe everybody has the potential to live a full life without aches, pains and injury whilst minimising their risks of lifestyle disease.

Changing your life

We combine our specialist services to create a unique programme purely for you. Together we will restore your body by improving the mobility of the joints and flexibility in the muscles to create a foundation to build your future aspirations upon.

We then incorporate stabilisation and strength exercises to build towards your desired outcome. We further protect your body from injury, disease and natural ageing through tailored nutrition and preventative healthcare helping to create a better healthier version of you.

Personal trainer working with leg injury

Restorative Exercise

Get ready to take control of your health. Imagine if you could feel like you did 20 years ago? Restore and repair your body and feel youthful again. Have confidence in yourself to move well without fear of pain or injury and regain your zest for life.

Image by Matthew LeJune

Preventative Healthcare

Invest in you. Treat your future self to the gift of good health and feel fit, strong and active at any age. Exercise and nutrition to support a longer and healthier life and cut the risk of lifestyle disease. Remember 'Prevention is better than cure'.

After Yoga

Fitness over 50

Break the mould don’t feel old! Feel fit at 50 and beyond. The benefits are huge, not only will you be reducing your risk of numerous lifestyle diseases but you can also expect to live with vitality and live your life to the full.

Boys During a Sports Practice

Sports Conditioning

Perform at your Peak! Do you keep getting injured or feel your lack of specific fitness is affecting your performance? Whatever your sport or event, it will be broken down to its smallest parts to see where improvements can be made. Whether the issues are physical, biomechanical or nutritional - It's time to train like the professionals!

Woman following personal nutrition planning program

Nutrition Planning

Health and Fitness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but how it functions and feels on the inside. Feed yourself well, enjoy your foods without guilt. Optimise your diet to help you lose weight, build muscle, prevent disease, fuel for your sport and restore your vitality.

Man with success after training

Why it Works

Our approach bridges the gap between traditional rehabilitation and regular health, fitness and wellbeing and is tailored to you no matter what your age, current fitness levels or health status. We are totally committed every step of the way to encourage and support you in order to enhance your overall health, fitness and wellbeing.

How we deliver our service to you

Aspire 4 Health logo In Person training

Work face to face in our Woodland Studio or in the comfort of your own home.


Whether In Person, Online or a combination of both...
Choose the right balance to suit you!

As[ire 4 Health logo Online Training

Work Online with our trainers via Virtual sessions or by using our purpose built Digital platform

Introducing TeleMedicine

An additional Online service giving you the power to incorporate 'the future of healthcare' as and when you require it. Get medical advice or facilitate a quicker responsive service to allied NHS healthcare from Dr Gareth Davies who is a General Physician and Gastroenterologist from the comfort of your own home...


Client Testimonials

Donna from Bingley

 "If I had known about Lee 10 years ago I would probably not have had to retire prematurely due to chronic pain"

Workplace Wellness

A tailored plan

The modern day work environment, with long periods of sitting, quick takeout meals in-between meetings, and computer screen eye and muscular strain isn't conducive to the mental and physical well-being of your employees. Having happy and healthy employees has proven to result in better productivity, lower healthcare costs, and greater turnover. A wellness plan is a critical strategy for making employees happier, which will ultimately improve your company's bottom line.

At Aspire for Health we aim to provide just that. Working collaboratively with you, we will prepare a Workplace Wellness tailored plan that suits both your business and your budget. This comprehensive plan to increase your employees' holistic health, fitness and well-being and to minimise the amount of time they have off sick through injury and illness whilst  improving their overall productivity for your company.


Contact us today

Contact us now to book your free, no obligation consultation. Get in touch and start your personal training fitness journey now.

At Aspire 4 Health, the initial consultation is key, so that is why we offer it at no charge.  It is critical in helping us understand the underlying issues and challenges that you face, helping you make the correct choices.  It gives you an opportunity to openly discuss your desired goals or outcomes with our highly qualified and experienced trainers.  This meeting is crucial as it allows us to meet and jointly construct the ideal, personalised time-efficient training plan which will ensure the greatest possible likelihood of compliance to your newly constructed programme; thus guaranteeing a successful outcome.

Based in Bingley, United Kingdom

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