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too busy to exercise

Julie’s limited time made exercising difficult!

Julie still wanted to look after herself despite being a primary carer to her mother

“I was short on time as I'm the primary carer for my mother so I still needed the freedom to fit my training into my busy lifestyle. I was reasonably fit with walking and swimming but was in a rut and wanted something to help me focus on training regularly and needed specific exercises for my age and ability. I have had Polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) and have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis so I didn’t want to do anything that would cause further problems. I knew I needed a specialist online personal trainer and as I trained with Lee back in 2010/11 and still follow him on Facebook, I noticed he now has the Aspire4Health Online Digital personal training platform. I knew I would get the help I needed despite my inability to commit to face to face appointments."

Julie’s Progress

Julie now saves time by exercising at home, at a time that suits her and follows her advanced personal training programme on the Aspire4Health online digital platform.

“Working with Lee has helped me immensely, I told him everything about my lifestyle and he gave me 3 different work outs to improve my strength, fitness and posture. My programme contains a range of different exercises which I wouldn’t normally do and they have improved my body no end and also my overall health and well being.“

“The online workouts Lee has given me have proved that I needed the specific exercises which I would never have even known to do without his expert advice.”

Digital Bathroom Scale Displaying WOW Me

The Results

“Having worked with Lee before I knew he would help me. It’s all about my health at my age and feeling well. I have lost weight and inches and I accredit this transformation to Lee's specialist online personal training. I feel fitter, I've imroved my posture and I am now a lot stronger and I feel great. I find I no longer want to sit and watch television now I would rather be doing something with my newfound energy levels. Fortunately for me I am quite motivated and Lee's help both online and on the phone whenever needed is priceless. I would always recommend Lee and Aspire 4 Health to everyone and often do when someone sees me and notices a difference.”

The services Julie used

Restorative Exercise

Restore your Body, Create your Foundation to Build Upon

Nutrition Planning

Manage your Habits, Optimise your Nutrition, Fuel your Life!

Preventative Healthcare

Remain Active, Prevent Injury & Disease and Stay Feeling Young

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