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Nicky's journey

Nicky lost weight, felt energised and got her health back on track

I went to Aspire4Health because I'd put weight on and started to feel fat, frumpy & middle aged. I used to weigh 8 stone 4 but my weight had crept up to 13 stones so I was worried and knew I had to do something about it.

On the Scales

Nicky's Progress

Nutritional Planning and Support from Aspire4Health helped me stay in control and boosted my overall health

It was the first time I'd trained on a 1:1 basis but after failing to achieve anything at my local gym, I decided to try personal training with Lee. I'm pleased I did because, I have lost 1 stone 8 so far and feel more energised and in control of my food intake, especially knowing that I am eating well and feeling the benefit of a good diet and regular exercise. We have done 2 diet analysis reports and I now have a better balance of foods in my diet and I am still losing weight in a gradual manner and feel better than I have in years.

Weight Loss Essentials

The Results

Nicky lost weight, felt energised and got her health back on track

I keep losing the weight as I wanted and feel the benefit of a good diet and regular exercise. Lee is at the very top of his profession and always keeps up to date with all the latest research and shares his knowledge, enthusiasm and positivity in our sessions together. I would recommend Aspire4Health because they have helped to me to lose weight, stay motivated and taught me how to exercise safely without injury.

The services Nicky used

Restorative Exercise

Restore your Body, Create your Foundation to Build Upon

Fitness beyond 50

Look Good, Feel Good, Age Well

Preventative Healthcare

Remain Active, Prevent Injury & Disease and Stay Feeling Young

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