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Make a difference to peoples lives.

We are always looking for like-minded people to join us

Aspire4Health is more than a personal training business. We are looking at bringing in or linking with physiotherapists and other medical personnel such as GP’s and GP practices along with many other kinds of people. Our aim is to work together to break barriers to go that extra mile for our clients and achieve the seemingly impossible.

We currently continue Lee Smith’s extensive work and ongoing research over 25 years of building the ultimate way to positively impact a persons health, fitness and wellbeing—from restoring the body back to its younger version when restriction, discomfort and pain weren’t present to laying the foundation to not only manage existing lifestyle diseases and injuries but preventing the onset of new issues. Ultimately developing a better healthier version of you. Help us to expand our current systems and methodologies of working with everyday people from all walks of life and truly making a difference for them. We tackle each adventure and journey with our clients with passion, enthusiasm, curiosity and innovation to leave an enduring impact on the clients health for years to come.

Help us Make a Difference to people’s lives: Align your talents with your passion and find out why Aspire4Health consistently is named a best business within the fitness and health sector within Yorkshire. At Aspire4Health, you’ll have an opportunity to work on unique and challenging projects that truly make an impact on health, fitness and wellbeing and ultimately upon the quality of people’s lives. Help us to spread the award winning concepts of Aspire4Health further afield with the recently launched online platform. Our vision is to keep innovating new ways to be the best at what we do. Learn more about the extraordinary things our team accomplishes on an everyday basis. Are you ready to make a difference?  

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Current Vacancies Available

Freelance Aspire4Health promoters (commission only) - Aspire4Health are looking for enthusiastic individuals to help promote the business both locally in a one-one training capacity as well as World-wide via the Aspire4Health Online Training Platform (  If you already work in marketing and believe you have the skills necessary to drive in people for either a free no obligation consultation face to face or to sign up to the Online platform then this is an ideal opportunity for you to earn an extra income.

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A message from our latest recruit....

“My time at Aspire4Health has been amazing, they have taught me many things that I wouldn’t know til further on in my education or possibly at all. The experience has never been boring, whether this is a new case with a client or Lee keeping firing questions at me to keep me on my toes and ensuring I'm progressing my development all the time.

They have helped me massively with my theory work, during the time that I have been here I have noticed that my knowledge has greatly increased and I’ve put forward ideas at college that surprised my tutor as we hadn’t even been taught this yet. They have given me so many reason to stay motivated throughout the experience and they put 100% into my time with them.

Josh Elsworth


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