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‘The Aspire 4 Health Way’

Why it Works

At Aspire 4 Health we offer a unique blend of science-based exercises in either a one-on-one or small group sessions. We take a holistic approach to develop a tailored programme to meet your specific needs. Why then has this approach been so instrumental to our clients in empowering and helping them change their lives? Hear it directly from them via their testimonials.  

We are an inclusive integrative business that bridges the gap between traditional rehabilitation and regular health, fitness and wellbeing. This approach is adapted to our clients no matter what their age, current fitness levels or health status. We are totally committed every step of the way to encouraging and supporting the active lifestyles our clients undertake in order to enhance their overall health, fitness and wellbeing.

Rock Balancing

We are interested in the relative balance of your systems...

One of our core values is to keep up to date with the latest scientific research and integrate these key themes into a healthy lifestyle to manage or reduce the risks of numerous medical conditions that haunt today’s society. Often the medical world see injury and disease as specific to the area in question and not part of the wider system. Whereas we see the body as a complex integrated system, as compensation or instability in one area will directly affect another. We take the whole body into account and look at how all the parts interact with one another, resulting in better outcomes and more efficient movement throughout your body.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Thomas Edison

Healthy diet

The Aspire4Health Way

We have a talented, knowledgeable and experienced training team that are motivated to listen to your needs and help you accomplish your specific health and fitness goals. It all starts when you’re offered a free, no obligation consultation where we listen to and discuss your medical background, your fears and barriers to exercise as well as your ideal outcomes and aspirations. Between us we then set your long-term goals and the best means of helping you achieve them. All our clients are assessed through a comprehensive group of holistic tests to enable us to understand their baseline and adjust their long-term goals into more manageable small incremental steps. Each step creates achievable milestones on the path to a healthier life.

The health and fitness programmes designed are made up of a finely tuned blend of the differing services that we offer relative to your requirements. In other words between us we can determine the optimal combination from the following services to design the best means for you: Restorative Exercise and Rehabilitation, Preventative Healthcare and Lifelong Fitness, Fitness beyond 50, Sports Conditioning and Event Preparation, Nutrition Planning and Support or Workplace Wellness. We then determine the best medium to fit these into your lifestyle, whether it be one-to-one or even small group personal training sessions, exercise classes or in a 24-hour access digital video format via the Aspire4Health online platform. We know your time is precious and location may be an issue so all services are now available in a virtual capacity via  FaceTime, WhatsApp video or ZOOM.

When working face to face you have sole use of our scenic woodland facility which is well maintained to provide a comfortable and private exercise environment at all times. Our facility is equipped with state of the art fitness equipment which allows you to cycle the streets of Barcelona, or walk/run the streets of London, Paris or New York. If you prefer something more rural how about a virtual bike ride or hike in the Lake District? The choice is yours. The reactive bike and treadmill both map the inclines and declines of the actual terrain as you watch the route on the screens.

In addition to this we also create a sense of fun by gamifying certain sporting movements to work on cardiovascular exercise, hone your reaction times and stimulate balance and brain activity that map your exact movements and transport you into a virtual world onscreen. Ensuring you remain interested and motivated throughout is essential. You can even choose your own personalised music play list and mood lighting to further enhance your experience.


Building the new you...

Our sessions are designed to empower you, and emphasise education to help you take control of your own health and lifestyle in the immediate and longer term. We aim to remove the confusion surrounding your health and fitness and offer understandable explanations and/or onscreen high tech 3D imagery on why we plan to do a certain modification to your lifestyle or exercise plan. First you must understand the body and it's usage before you take positive steps to change it. You will no longer be a passive participant, we work together to achieve your goals every step of the way!


Way more than a workout, it’s

a lifestyle thing

To support you further you have access to our purpose built Online platform which means you can access your exercise programme remotely whenever and wherever you need to. In addition we will help you develop better health habits by analysing your responses to our detailed questionnaires about sleep, stress and nutrition. You will then receive comprehensive reports and action points on how to improve your health and wellbeing. Once you’ve had a few weeks to put in place a few of those action points our next step takes a detailed look at how your nutrition stacks up against the latest recommendations for macro and micronutrients. This 258-point analysis is precise and totally personalised for you.


Aspire 4 Health
are here to 'Help You Grow'

Our Services

Aspire 4 Health is a professional, award-winning business that is knowledgeable and passionate about helping people achieve their optimal health, fitness and wellbeing.  We work with you to get the perfect blend of services to match your budget, time commitments and current start point to ensure you reach and maintain your desired health and fitness goals. So in order to create 'your' convenient and cost-effective health programmes that will finally let you achieve vibrant healthy living or any sporting ambitions why not try ‘The Aspire 4 Health Way.'

Start now by checking out our services below

Restorative Exercise

Get ready to take control of your health. Imagine if you could feel like you did 20 years ago? Restore and repair your body and feel youthful again. Have confidence in yourself to move well without fear of pain or injury and live your life to the full.

Preventative Healthcare

Invest in you. Treat your future self to the gift of good health and feel fit, strong and active at any age. Exercise and nutrition to support a longer and healthier life and cut the risk of lifestyle disease.

Online Services

All our usual high-quality services that are available face to face can also be offered Online. We offer bespoke Digital services with video-based programmes as well as Virtual training sessions (via ZOOM, FaceTime etc) to make home exercise work for you and your budget.

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