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Online Exercise and Lifestyle Programmes

Digital or Virtual? The choice is yours...

All our usual high-quality services that are available face to face can also be offered Online. These services are in Digital videos and via Virtual Personal Training services to make home or office exercise work for you and your budget.

Professional Health Services designed to fit around you...

Customised to suit you. Whether you choose to visit us in person, work with us online or choose any combination of services that best supports your needs and aspirations - we are here to help you!

Our Online services have two components that can be used separately or in combination. Introducing Aspire 4 Health Digital and Aspire 4 Health Virtual.


What is Aspire 4 Health Digital?

Our Digital Online Training Facility is a fully personalised exercise and lifestyle programme available to you 24/7 via our state of the art online platform. You will have access to full video instructions of all the exercises in your programme so you can work out whenever you like to fit around your schedule. We'll monitor your progress and advance your programme so as you get fitter your exercises will intensify and your improvements will continue.

We can even analyse your Nutrition & Lifestyle habits and help you see where small changes can make a big impact on your overall health and wellbeing. This includes analysing and reporting on what you eat and your digestion as well as other lifestyle factors such as stress levels and sleep wake cycles to name a few.

You can train at the gym, at home or while traveling the world at a time that suits you!

Our online training is bespoke - Your programme will be tailored to your specific wants and needs by a highly qualified trainer. We can help you to:

  • Lose weight and tone-up

  • Improve and manage injuries and some medical conditions

  • Improve your sports performance

  • & Regain that zest for life, no matter what your age!


Fitness woman using online platform to exercise at home
Online fitness dashboard showing exercise and nutrition
Fitness at home online personal trainer or classes
Exercising at Home using Aspire4Health exercise videos
Aspire for health virtual fitness platform

What is Aspire 4 Health Virtual?

Virtual Personal Training is one to one or in some cases small group (up to 3 people) personal training sessions. Held in a Virtual capacity it’s still all about you. We have recreated the face to face experience, just without the stress of travel and from the comfort of your own home. Sessions are held via Facetime, Zoom or WhatsApp video.

In addition we also offer Virtual Classes - here small groups meet up via Zoom at designated times to experience the fun and variety of The Aspire 4 Health fitness classes held by lead trainer, Lee Smith MSc, BACPR, CRDET, FMSC.

Numbers are kept small so all class members are on the instructors screen at all times to optimise your form and keep you safe. All exercises can be adapted to meet with your individual fitness and flexibility levels. Exercise at home and meet like-minded online friends that will help motivate you further and spur you on to reach your respective goals.

Our Fitness Beyond 50 Online Exercise Classes are frequently redesigned to keep the class feeling fresh and exciting. All classes set out to educate and empower you to change your lives for the better and in-depth explanations are given as to why we are doing certain exercises and how they will benefit you!


Online fitness videos accessed through laptop
Personal trainer demonstrating exercises
View of a woman conducting virtual fitne
Man doing stretches shown on virtual platform

Aspire 4 Health is by your side every step of the way...

Whether you are local or the other side of the world on business or on holiday we are here when you need us!

Both the Aspire 4 Health Digital and Virtual services can be worked in combination with face to face services or independently. We are here to help you with all of your health, fitness and wellbeing needs and between us we will ensure we find the ultimate combination of in person, digital and virtual services to best suit your needs.

Two hands clasped

Introducing our brand new innovative Aspire4Health TeleMedicine Service

Welcoming Dr Gareth Davies, Consultant Physician and Gastroenterologist

TeleMedicine from Aspire4Health introduces a faster more efficient and effective way to get medical advice. As you are at the centre of everything we do, we felt additional support from medically trained personnel would further enhance the Aspire4Health principles of delivering the optimum care to you the client...


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Read about our other services


Restorative Exercise

Get ready to take control of your health. Imagine if you could feel like you did 20 years ago? Restore and repair your body and feel youthful again. Have confidence in yourself to move well without fear of pain or injury and regain your zest for life.

Aspire 4 Health logo

Preventative Health

Invest in you. Treat your future self to the gift of good health and feel fit, strong and active at any age. Exercise and nutrition to support a longer and healthier life and cut the risk of lifestyle disease. Remember 'Prevention is better than cure'.


Fitness Beyond 50

Break the mould don’t feel old! Feel fit at 50 and beyond. The benefits are huge, not only will you be reducing your risk of numerous lifestyle diseases but you can also expect to: Live with vitality and live your life to the full.


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