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Tricia’s battle with injury

Tricia refused to let the misery of back pain stop her fulfilling her dream trip to Machu Picchu!

"For as long as I can remember Machu Picchu had always been on my bucket list to visit. Making and enjoying the climb was even more of a personal achievement particularly as I had previously suffered a serious back problem a few months before."

Pelvic X-Ray

Tricia’s Road to Recovery

A Restorative Exercise and Rehabilitation programme was expertly designed to improve functional movement patterns, to correct posture and to relieve pain and start Tricia’s safe and effective path to recovery.

In working with Lee, I improved both the strength of my back and was also taught techniques in how to help avoid antagonising the problem and how to iron out any niggles I may have felt on the way. I went from strength to strength with my Restorative Exercise programme and overcame my injury.


The Results

“Finally in 2020 my dream of going to Machu Pichu became a reality. Despite my previous injury I was able to make the climb easily and to enjoy this absolutely wonderful place to the full. Great and happy memories forever now. From my picture at Machu Picchu you can tell it all went wonderfully well.

"The main thing about Aspire4health is its ethos that you can achieve whatever you want to achieve - your age is not a barrier! Set your goals and you can achieve them. No stereotyping if you’re of a certain age. Keeping fit and healthy is not a quick win but a whole way of life, both mind and body. It’s positivity all the way - set backs are just something to deal with along the way, they don’t put an end to your achievements!"

The services Tricia used

Restorative Exercise

Restore your Body, Create your Foundation to Build Upon

Event Preparation

Analyse the Event, Train like the Professionals, Perform at your Peak!

Preventative Healthcare

Remain Active, Prevent Injury & Disease and Stay Feeling Young

More Testimonials

Real Experiences, Stunning Results

Donna from Bingley

Donna needed relief from chronic pain in her back and neck so attended one-to-one Personal Training sessions and "Fit at 50 & Beyond" classes in Bingley

Julie from Selby

Julie was short on time and needed a specialist online personal trainer to get the very best from her exercise. She needed the freedom to fit her training into her busy lifestyle so chose the digital platform.

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