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Sports Conditioning

Helping you reach your peak, whatever your age and whatever your sport!

At Aspire4Health we believe that the process of preparing you for your sport deserves the utmost detail. Whether you participate in sport as a recreational pastime, as a competitive athlete or coach a sports team, you’ll undoubtedly want to not only perform at your best but also recover well and remain injury free. Now you too can train like your favourite sporting idols and get fit doing personally tailored exercises for your sporting event in conjunction with your health/fitness needs which will give you a competitive edge and allow to enjoy your chosen sport to the max!

Perform to your best level: Make yourself stronger, faster and more agile!

Our Sports Conditioning Programmes are individually designed specifically for you and your sport. Our founder, Lee D Smith, will use expert knowledge from his Masters in Sport and Exercise Science, plus his experience in, and passion for excellence in sport to bring together a uniquely tailored, detailed and strategic plan to fully prepare and protect you for your sport. Get that competitive edge in your chosen sport for the new season.

  • Are you training for a specific event or challenge?

  • Do you run a sports team that need some professional help in terms of their conditioning to improve their performance and post-match recovery? 

  • Is your fitness or your team's fitness not up to the standard of other team members or other teams you’re competing against?

  • Keep getting injured or feel slight niggles that are affecting your enjoyment and performance of your chosen sport?

  • Do you need help managing your recovery from short/long-term injuries? 

Whatever your reasons, at Aspire 4 Health we are highly experienced at working with a broad range of people of different ages and fitness levels. Past clients include Professional football clubs, other Sporting organisations and individuals from the Northern Ballet. In addition we have also trained individuals preparing for high profile events including climbing to Mount Everest base-camp, sailing the UNICEF Clipper Round the World Challenge; as well as training a client to run 15 marathons in 18 days (in the UK, Australia & New Zealand for charity).

Intense Workout

Unlock your Sporting Potential and train like the ‘Professionals’.

The process of preparation for your sport deserves the upmost detail.

Your quest for being the best can become a confusing task with all the noise on the internet making it difficult to know where to start and see what’s important. At Aspire4Health we listen to you and discuss your sporting aims & objectives during your free, no obligation consultation. Furthermore, during this initial appointment, your likes/dislikes with regards exercise, your time constraints, and medical background are taken into account. Once you are onboard we use our multi-facetted functional approach and measure and test your overall fitness for your sport. Depending on your requirements, we offer numerous tests such a Functional Movement test, gait analysis, nutritional analysis etc plus advice and correction where needed. We take a 'step by step' approach to your event and devise small changes that can make a big difference to your performance. You can be confident that, regardless of your age, current health status, or levels of fitness a comprehensive personalised programme will be devised and where necessary periodised (enables you to hit optimal fitness on the day of your event) to suit your specific requirements. In addition we will closely guide, motivate and teach you the correct techniques to safely and efficiently achieve your goals while also creating the foundation for a healthier, injury-free participation.

All you need to give you the edge and allow you to enjoy your chosen sport to the max!

Be Your Best & Get Great Results

Aspire4Health make you the best you can be at your chosen sport.

Our unique professional standard Sports Conditioning Programmes can help improve your balance and flexibility, increase muscle strength and power relative to your sport's needs and also increase your running and overall movement efficiency. By doing so this will inevitably lead you to:​

  • Run faster, move better and become more agile whilst reducing your injury risk

  • Achieve your personal best time or performance and get ahead of your competitors

  • Play sport without injury and pain

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