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Gareth’s adventures

“I don’t let injury stop me from living life to the full"

"It’s a pleasure to write in support of Aspire4Health who have helped me maintain fitness through several serious injuries, and also prepared me for regular sporting events and extreme challenges. Injuries, including recurrent shoulder sprains, achilles tendon rupture from racquetball and interosseous ankle ligament rupture from sailing have been nurtured back to health with a range of targeted exercises that were effective and safe. Through these injuries I was also supported by the NHS physiotherapists, who were wonderful - but difficult to access, so now that I see Aspire4health has their own physiotherapist on board their injury rehabilitation service should be even more comprehensive and effective.

Young adult male with his muscle pain du

Gareth’s Progress

I needed help overcoming injury and preparing for ambitious challenges so I could get the very best out of myself and the experience

Lee is a very knowledgeable (Leeds Carnegie University trained) and effective personal trainer who has helped me improve my performance whilst ensuring injury is avoided. His training programme has been perfectly matched to my ability and goals. I've enjoyed the flexibility of working both in person on a one-to-one basis at the Aspire4health private studio in Bingley and more recently engaging in fully interactive online sessions via Zoom or Facetime."

The Results

Gareth doesn't let injuries prevent him from aiming high and achieving his goals

"My regular training with Aspire4health has helped me achieve challenges including climbing to Everest base camp, lifting my wife above my head for a re-make of Dirty Dancing and sailing across the South Atlantic, each with a completely bespoke programme supported by the similarly adaptive Aspire4Health Digital online platform."


The services Gareth used

Restorative Exercise

Restore your Body, Create your Foundation to Build Upon

Sports Conditioning

Analyse the Sport, Train like the Professionals, Perform at your Peak!

Preventative Healthcare

Remain Active, Prevent Injury & Disease and Stay Feeling Young

More Testimonials

Julie from Selby

Julie was short on time and needed a specialist online personal trainer to get the very best from her exercise. She needed the freedom to fit her training into her busy lifestyle so chose the digital platform.

Tricia from Bradford

Tricia was looking for help with crippling back pain as it was stopping her in her tracks. By utilising the Restorative health program she is now back on track and enjoying visiting the different places around the world she wants whilst remaining injury free.

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