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A selection of testimonials over the past few years

"I write as a retired teacher who has known Lee for at least fifteen years as an instructor; a Personal Trainer; and as a teacher of a class of retired people.  Lee has many good points, but the ones that strike me as most pertinent are: i) A determination to make sure I achieve the very best I can and a refusal to accept “second best” ii) The ability to inspire myself (and others) to achieve that little bit more than we think we can.  iii) A constant desire to improve his own knowledge and to “tweak” the programme each time.  iv) The ability to communicate his enthusiasm to everyone in the class.  He can form good relationships with people that will help achieve what we both want.  I could go on at length, but that would run the risk of being tedious: however, in conclusion, I would say that Lee helped me take a long look at myself physically and, whilst not yet the Adonis I would wish for, that fact that am still working with Lee, and that I was, and still am, willing to make serious changes largely on his advice, shows just how good he is”.  

Jeremy Gibbon

“I would not hesitate to recommend Lee as both a personal trainer and exercise class instructor.  I was a regular attendee at his Over 50’s fitness class which involved a variety of carefully selected exercises, tailored to meet everyone’s individual needs. If members of the class had any issues he would adapt the exercises accordingly, yet still ensured they were suitably challenging. Above all, the classes were good fun and everyone who attended enjoyed them; consequently there was always a regular uptake and a relaxed atmosphere.

Lee also worked with me as a personal trainer and specialist health and fitness consultant and created bespoke exercises to meet my requirements, whilst ensuring my health concerns were always taken into account. As a surgeon, I was always most impressed my Lee’s knowledge of physiology and how he skilfully applied it to my cardio-respiratory work out plans. Lee’s committed approach and lovely sense of humour mean I would not hesitate to recommend his services - he always has his clients’ best interests at heart. To anyone considering attending one of his classes or working with him privately via personal training, I would say - it’s definitely worth it; give it a go!

Charles Vize B.Sc (Hons), FRCS

Retired Surgeon at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust  

“I completed a range of training with Lee including sports conditioning and strength training.  The sports conditioning training is highly recommended for anyone looking for that competitive edge in sport.  My sports fitness improved a huge amount when training with Lee. Another key point was to work on my pace, which was developed by Lee teaching me a better sprinting style.  My agility was also improved with a range of tailored exercises.  The culmination of the training meant the level at which I was playing football was vastly enhanced.”

Ed Tombs

"We have been very impressed with the programme. A combination of nutritional advice and Lee Smiths’ enthusiastic and knowledgeable personal training in the gym has helped us to achieve the goals we set out at the start.

Steve Bollen (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon) and Heidi Clarke-Hanson (Theatre Nurse)

In May 2014 I suffered a stress related heart disturbance which left me with a general weakness and lethargy.  I firstly attended classes at Airedale hospital in Keighley and subsequently classes with Lee Smith.  The Aspire4Health classes were of a much more varied nature and with full and comprehensive explanations and illustrations via the iPad of all the exercises, which is more than helpful, and puts them into context for myself and others attending the classes.  Lee expects more of us week by week, and gives us the confidence to extend and push ourselves.  Lee is able to vary exercises for individuals in the class within the group situation whilst gradually increasing the intensity over a period with what is obviously a carefully thought out long term programme.  His ability to inspire confidence is contagious.  My fitness, stamina, flexibility, and balance, are all much improved over my abilities before my heart ‘incident’. I can strongly recommend his abilities and good character to you.

Marcus Catling

“I’ve worked with Lee since Oct 2012 and am enjoying enormous benefits. Lee has a long term perspective on achieving and maintaining health and fitness underpined by extensive science based qualifications and semi-medical levels of knowledge and results based practice. He is innovative, thoughtful and effective in ensuring clients achieve their own goals. There is something unique in his approach and within a couple of sessions, you'll realise that you're working with an expert - exercise is now a pleasure for me and I'm excited about what I can achieve with the insight and support that Lee has offered."

Justin Mills

"Lee provides a well balanced personal training program that works. His knowledge of the subject is excellent and is a very easy guy to work with. He is passionate about what he does, prompt and reliable."

Ray Dawes

"Lee is always passionate about his work and is up to date with all the latest research and initiatives. He works with a variety of clients including those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart problems, arthritis and fybromyalgia and provides an individualized approach for his clients looking at all aspects of health including nutrition. He enables his clients to achieve improved health and greater mobility through setting aspirational yet realistic goals. This gives those with chronic health problems real hope and a sense of purpose. His Master's degree looked at the importance of posture and core stability for the prevention of injury and improving the efficiency of movement and reduces the risk of injury."

Julie Heaton (Nurse)

"Despite having ruptured my anterior cruciate ligament and suffering a tibial plateau fracture (on the same knee in two separate skiing accidents in 1993 and 2002 respectively) Lee has helped me build up post operative fitness and stamina (with a special emphasis on knee strength and stability). I am now skiing again with no problems whatsoever! Lee has also helped me keep up general levels of fitness and "fight the flab” by paying special attention towards tailoring multi-dimensional programmes to my specific requirements."

Roger Poultney

"Lee is a very results orientated trainer and has fantastic, in-depth, scientific knowledge which makes training challenging and rewarding. I’ve had several trainers but have seen undoubtedly the best results with Lee."

Amanda Naylor

"Previously we attended a class connected with the Bradford Heart Support Group but when this had to close due to lack of members we were unable to find another class which offered this expertise. Purely by chance we found an advert for Aspire4Health classes in the local newspaper and after receiving the advice of a current class member we ‘gave it a go’.  We have had no regrets at doing this since.  We were welcomed by Lee and the other members.  Lee is knowledgeable in cardiovascular work and all the exercises concentrate on mobility of joints, which goes a long way for quality of life of older people.  After only a short time in the group we can feel the benefit of these exercises.

We both look forward to our sessions and feel the benefit of learning something new all the time...... this has been hugely  beneficial to our health. 

Donald and Averil Thorley

Services utilised by the above clients

Restorative Exercise

Get ready to take control of your health. Imagine if you could feel like you did 20 years ago? Restore and repair your body and feel youthful again. Have confidence in yourself to move well without fear of pain or injury and regain your zest for life.

Preventative Health

Invest in you. Treat your future self to the gift of good health and feel fit, strong and active at any age. Exercise and nutrition to support a longer and healthier life and cut the risk of lifestyle disease. Remember ‘ Prevention is better than cure.'

Online Training

If your busy or too far away to visit us, work with us online using any combination of services that best supports your needs! Our Online services have two components Digital which is personalised video programming or live Virtual sessions via video link.

Nutrition Planning

Feed yourself well. Make food your friend again and build a healthy body by eating well. Full nutritional analysis of your diet, personalised nutritional and lifestyle advice to optimise your diet to help you lose weight, build muscle and restore vitality.

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