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Aspire4Health Changed Our lives

Choosing the right Personal Trainer can be ever so difficult. Whether you are looking to Hire a Personal Trainer or looking for more information on Personal Trainer Services contact Aspire4 health, Please take a look at our client feedback below or simply ask for your FREE First Consultation.

"Training with Lee enabled me to successfully complete the Great North Run. I had always dreamt of doing it but never ever thought it would become a reality."

"Very good programme to kick start my fitness regime. It took a holistic approach to my well-being through personal training."

"During my pregnancy Lee took great time and effort to design a programme that was safe for myself and my unborn child."

"As a runner I lived with pain, but in a matter of weeks I was more flexible, running without pain and beating my marathon PB by 20 minutes."

"One lady couldn't balance, she needed a stick, now she is walking confidently."

"All of us in the over 60's class have benefited from increased mobility, balance, fitness and all round easier breathing. Above all we are more confident in our everyday living which increases the quality of our life. Socially we look forward to Tuesday's and Thursday's what more can you ask."

"I wasn't sure what it involved, but I am doing things I don't normally do like doing squats using the ball. I've now got more mobility. Now I just need to lose a bit more weight and Lee's the personal trainer to help me."

"I began with personal trainer Lee whilst waiting for yet another cartilage repair, resigned to never enjoying a weekend walking and mountain climbing again. When called in for the operation 4 months later, I knew I could recover more quickly as the flexibility and strength around the knee was balanced and in good shape. I am just beginning post operative care and on my Consultants advice back training with Lee and looking forward to many years of walking and climbing ahead."

"I had a persistent back problem that would flair up from time to time. My personal trainer Lee diagnosed the problem and put in place a specific programme to straighten and strengthen my back. Whilst exercise is not normally my thing he made the sessions very enjoyable. Since training with Lee I have no problems with my back."

To be the next success story, and allow to help you change your lifestyle, phone 07986396755 now for your free, no obligation consultation with personal trainer Lee. We can help you in numerous ways, below is a list of the services we offer:

One to one with your personal trainer or small group personal training
Sports conditioning
Physiotherapy and long term rehabilitation
Over 50's classes
Chi Running or walking classes

To see if we can help you meet your goals or improve your quality of life contact us on 0798 6396755 or at for your FREE consultation.

Our clients either work with us at home, in a gym (Cedar Court Hotel, Bradford (top of M606) is often used owing to easy access off the M62 and wider motorway network) or in one of the numerous classes being run around the region (Current Classes Schedule)