A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running

The principles of Thai Chi meet the laws of Physics so your movement will flow as your body moves with the flow of gravity...

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About Chi Running

Chi Running is all about setting up conditions that make running, easier, more efficient, and injury free. Creating the right conditions within your body for energy to flow (just as in nature) is at the core of all our endeavours. Chi is the energy force that animates all things. It runs through a system of meridians that distribute this energy to all parts of your body. In Chi Running the primary setup is with your posture. When your posture is aligned and the joints are opened, chi can flow up and down your spine and into your whole body.

Chi Running represents a way to move your body by using mental focus and relaxation instead of muscle power. Namely, Chi Running is based around the principles of form, distance and speed, which means that you start by building a strong foundation of correct running form. As the foundation becomes stronger, your body will be able to handle more distance. Then speed becomes a by-product of good technique practiced over increased distance, not something dependent upon the size and strength of muscles. Ultimately, you’re not working to build distance and speed, you’re working to build presence, and that can happen at any distance or speed. Using the Chi Running principle of ‘gradual progress’ you can minimize the possibility of injury and enjoy running for the rest of your life.

Chi Running in a nutshell:
Injury-free running or walking for the rest of your life
Improve running efficiency with a mid-foot strike
Increase your running speed while reducing effort
Achieve weight-loss/toning and/or improve performance

A survey also showed the following:
90% of individuals said they were probably able to change their running mechanics.
60% said they were able to make noticable corrections in less than a month, 31% said immediately.
69% felt their speed improved.
Number of missed running days due to injury dropped dramatically: 40% had missed more than 10 days prior to Chi Running, after Chi Running that number had dropped to less than 12%. 91% said they would recommend Chi Running to other runners.